Google Duo Allows You Call People Without the App

(Last Updated On: March 15, 2019)

Google has recently updated Duo to allow users to call people on their phones who don’t even have the Duo app installed. This means that users of Google Duo can use Duo to make voice calls or video calls to their contacts even though the other person never knew about this messaging app.

There are numerous Google messaging apps. There are Allo and Duo (who are now able to make voice calls) and Hangouts (who were split into Chat and Meet). And nearly all of them are doing almost the same thing.

No Duo in your phone, No problem?

As reported by ‘ Android Police, ‘ now Google Duo allows you to call people who have not installed the app yet. Thanks to the Google App Preview Messaging feature, it made it possible. This makes it possible to use certain apps to contact other people without having to install the app.

Keep in mind that App Preview Messaging is only available on Android, so you ca n’t use iOs to call your friends. You will also only be able to call contacts who have added a phone number to their Google account and switched on App Preview Messaging.

google duo

If Duo is not installed, it looks exactly like an incoming Google Duo call if you had Duo installed. The call will fill your screen, and the person calling you will see the camera. Then you could answer the call, hang up, silence your microphone, or change your cameras.

But things get interested at the end of the call. Installing Google Duo will prompt you. If you feel distressed about calling the guest, you can square them to stop it from happening again. Either way, without ever installing the app, you’ll get a Duo experience.

Google Promotes Duo

While App Preview Messaging is anything but another thing, all developers are not yet able to access it. Which manages the opportunity for Google to use the feature to push Duo to more people. All things considered, what better way to promote your messaging app than to allow people to use it without installing it.


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