Free Registry Cleaners for PC Performance Enhancement

(Last Updated On: March 1, 2019)

Just as hard disk defragmentation, registry cleaning has fallen by the wayside.

Thinking back to the 90s and mid-2000s, the Windows Registry used to be an execution bottleneck. Hard drives and CPUs were moderate, the registry itself was inadequately optimized, and that made systems ease back to a creep after some time. These days, the hardware is fast to the point that it’s unimportant. The Windows registry can be scary at first look. It’s where power users can change a wide assortment of settings that aren’t uncovered somewhere else.

But then many still swear by registry cleaners.

On the off chance that your system is old, you may get a performance boost from cleaning up the registry. It might likewise be useful on the off chance that you have a slow HDD. Or on the other hand, it may very well make your system feel faster by a method for fake treatment. However, regardless of whether it is only a fake treatment, possibly the apparent increases are justified, despite all the trouble.

All that really matters? In the event that you accept in the intensity of registry cleaners, stick to one of the ones underneath. Many contain malware, while others don’t do anything. These, at any rate, have fulfilled clients. Promotions for registry cleaners are everywhere throughout the Web.

1. Comodo PC TuneUp

Comodo PC TuneUp isn’t a registry cleaner as such — it’s an across the board tune-up utility that happens to incorporate a registry fixing feature. Note that registry fixing is entirely different from registry cleaning, and that is the reason CPT is generally a more secure approach.

This application just recognizes and endeavors to settle genuine registry issues. Things being what they are, most registry issues, at any rate, beginning with Vista and past, are for the most part safe. Rather than taking a chance with an unintentional breakage in your system’s registry, CPT just acts when essential.

Also that this device is produced by Comodo, an organization that has practical experience in cybersecurity and PC safety. They have a strong reputation, and we discover them more dependable than most.

2. JetClean

JetClean is a clever minimal all-in-one tool that stresses a lightweight methodology. It isn’t enlarged with unwanted features like most PC enhancement tools, and it’s shockingly powerful thinking of it as’ been a couple of years since the application was updated.

Other than cleaning the registry, JetClean has four other cleaning elements worked in, Windows clean (operating system junk files), Apps clean (junk files of installed applications), Shortcuts clean (invalid shortcuts to files and Start Menu items), and RAM clean (for memory leaks).

Other useful highlights in this tool are startup optimization, internet booster, a performance booster, and the capacity to make a compact form that you can bear on a USB drive.

3. Wise Registry Cleaner

Wise Registry Cleaner is a 2-in-1 application that frees the registry and tunes up the performance of the system. It’s greatly quick, intensive, and free to use.

As far as what number of registry issues it discovered, WRC just did more terrible than JetClean. I like the effortlessness of the interface, and the incorporation of a registry defragmenter is a pleasant reward. On the off chance that crude PC execution is your fundamental concern, the System Tuneup highlight will help.

You have the alternative to move up to the Pro version for $20, in addition to $15 every year after that. The Pro version includes multi-client cleaning, automatically planned registry cleanings, and furthermore advanced options for boosting system performance and backing up changes.

4. Auslogics Registry Cleaner

Auslogics Registry Cleaner is the one and only application on this list that entirely cleans the registry as it were. The way that it just spotlights on one task might be the reason it’s so viable. What’s more, without different features to juggle, ARC is about more or less simple terms of ease of use.

Prior to plunging into ARC, know about two cases of bundleware in the installer. To begin with, it’ll inquire as to whether you need to set Yahoo as your browser homepage, and second, it’ll inquire as to whether you need to install Auslogics Driver Updater too. Uncheck both and you’ll be fine.

ARC can back up your registry before applying changes, and restore the more old version in the event that anything turns out badly. It likewise has a feature for searching and deleting registry keys by hand (e.g. you’re affected with a virus and the removal process includes a specific registry key).

5. CCleaner

CCleaner in the last place? Impiety! While CCleaner might be the go-to registry cleaner for some, We have observed that it will, in general, be excessively forceful. More than once We have mixed to “unclean” something that it wiped away, and now and again it was irreversible.

Be that as it may, in the event that you’re careful, at that point CCleaner can be fine.

The free form of CCleaner is all that could possibly be needed for normal users, yet for $25 you can open CCleaner Pro. It presents scheduled cleanings, system monitoring in real time, automatic updates (the free version requests that you update physically without fail), and premium support.

Cleaning Windows Without a Registry Cleaner

In the event that there’s one motivation to evade registry cleaners, it’s that they can cause sudden system problems. Editing the registry is constantly unsafe, and tweaking the wrong key can be cataclysmic. Continuously make back up first, yet to be genuinely safe, avoid upsetting the registry by and large. How Not to Accidentally Mess Up the Windows Registry. Working with the Windows registry? Observe these tips, and you’ll be significantly less liable to do enduring harm to your PC.

What is your opinion about registry cleaners? Which ones do you trust, assuming any? Are there any great ones we missed? Share your comments with us down underneath!

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