Extensions to Chrome that will make your Gmail experience super power

(Last Updated On: March 1, 2019)

Google makes the Chrome browser and Google makes Gmail. Normally, the Chrome Web Store has some great chrome extensions to enhance your Gmail experience. In any case, it likewise has a few that you needn’t bother with. We should filter the pearls from the mud.

Note: The chrome expansions in this list work just with Gmail. If you support the time-saving Inbox by Gmail, there are discrete expansions for that. Inbox by Gmail is Google’s most recent approach to managing email association and administration. It can give you a less intricate email organization and management. See whether Inbox by Gmail can be the better choice for you.

ActiveInbox: Send Mails Later and Manage Email Tasks

In case you’re a Gmail regular user, this is the best extension you can introduce. Be that as it may be cautioned, ActiveInbox is free for a multi-month preliminary, after which it costs $50 every year.

That cost can be well justified, in the event that you require its features. ActiveInbox incorporates each real component missing in Gmail, which you would regularly pay for. In addition to other things, it lets you:

  • schedule emails to send later
  • add tasks
  • add due dates for emails and tasks
  • add follow-up reminders
  • attach notes to emails that only you can see
  • includes the GTD (Getting Things Done) productivity system

We really love ActiveInbox contenders like Boomerang, FollowUp.cc, or mxHero Toolbox. Be that as it may, as it stands today, ActiveInbox stretches out beyond them for being a superior all-around solution to deal with inbox over-burden and email daily agendas. Email isn’t simply correspondence, it likewise to a great extent manages your plan for the day.

Download: ActiveInbox for Chrome (Free)

Notifus: Free Follow-up Reminders

A ton of extensions offers to remind you to follow up on an email where you didn’t get an answer. We tried every one of them and Notifus gets our vote as the one to install.

Notifus keeps things straightforward, and all the more critically, keeps things free. Rather than the “Send” button, click one of the buttons to Send and remind me in X days. It’s that simple, and it works.

Download: Notifus for Chrome (Free)

Sortd: Turn Gmail Into a Trello-Like Task Board

For many individuals, the inbox fills in as a daily agenda of sorts. All that you have to think about your tasks is in mail messages. So Sortd simply turns Gmail into a Trello-like undertaking board.

The extension is a skin for your inbox, where you can move messages into various segments. Every segment can have an alternate header, as To Do, Follow Up, Important, etc.

Download: Sortd for Chrome (Free)

Checker Plus for Gmail: If You Don’t Have Gmail Always Open

Many individuals keep their Gmail inbox open and pinned as a tab consistently. However, on the off chance that that is not you, at that point Checker Plus for Gmail is the ideal extension to know when you get a message.

It’s not only a notifier, however. Checker Plus likewise gives you a chance to connect with the email, and even stamp it as read or delete it. There’s even a little pop-down pane that gives you a chance to associate with the inbox without opening another tab for it.

Download: Checker Plus for Gmail for Chrome (Free)

Mailtrack: Check Whether Your Email Was Read

At the point when an email is essential, you need to know whether the beneficiary has got it and after that perused it. Mailtrack is the best and easy solution for this..

At whatever point you send a mail, you’ll get one green tick to show it has come to the inbox of the beneficiary. At that point, you’ll get a second green tick to show that the individual read it. Mailtrack can even let you know whether somebody read your email a bigger number of times than one. Stalkers will love this.

Download: Mailtrack for Chrome (Free)

Blade Signatures: Add a Gorgeous, Professional Signature

Gmail gives you a chance to add signatures to each email, yet they look sort of boring, isn’t that right? Blade is an easy method to design a classy signature with no coding or different hijinks.

After installing the extension, include your details (like photographs, website, social profiles, personal information), and make a signature. You would now be able to connect this signature in any email you send within a couple of seconds. It’s really easier than WiseStamp, and it doesn’t include any “made by Blade” stamp to the signature.

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The free form of Blade gives you a chance to make two signatures and switch between them, which ought to be sufficient for the vast majority. In the event that you need more choices, you’ll have to pay or create custom signatures in Google Drive. For excellent email signatures, all you require is the correct intent and the message that conveys it over. Google Drive gives you the instruments to convey your signatures to Gmail with no trouble.

Download: Blade Signatures for Chrome (Free)

DraftMap: Real-Time Writing Suggestions and Improvements

Email is frequently genuine business and how you make it will matter. DraftMap enhances your English abilities to guarantee your message is well worded.

The extension utilizes diverse colors to feature repetitive words, passive voice, adverbs, and cliches. It will even prompt you on the email’s readability and style. An unquestionable requirement has on the off chance that anybody has complained your messages aren’t professional.

Download: DraftMap for Chrome (Free)

Simple Gmail Notes: Add Sticky Notes That Only You Can See

You can’t simply compose all that you need to in an email. What’s more, some of the time, when you get a message, you have to add notes to it. Basic Gmail Notes makes this easier.

You can customize the shading, text dimension, position, and different parts of the note. The extension even gives you a chance to add notes to the calendar. The best part is that the notes are put away on your Google Drive, so your information isn’t setting off to an outsider.

Download: Simple Gmail Notes for Chrome (Free)

Email Text Formatter: Make Messages Look Good

When you duplicate stuff from a website into Gmail, it holds that website’s formatting. So your first line, where you tended to the individual, seems like it ordinarily does in Gmail. What’s more, whatever is left of the stuff is a blend of extensive and little fonts and diverse hues. It’s a wreck, and it’s unprofessional.

In the event that that ever happens again, install and run Email Text Formatter. It will transform all content into the default Gmail text style, size, and shading. Furthermore, it will hold links as well. This is one of those clever tools everybody needs to compose better emails.

Download: Email Text Formatter for Chrome (Free)

Rename Email: Change the Subject of Messages in Your Inbox

Rename Email brings a capacity we long wish Gmail had. It gives you a chance to change the title of any message in your inbox with the goal that it says what you need, not what the sender intended.

This is maybe the least complex approach to recall what an email is about, and never forget about it. No big surprise it’s one of the best free Gmail extensions for Chrome. On the off chance that you utilize the powerful blend of Google Chrome and Gmail, there are some new browser extensions you have to look at.

Easy Eye Scan: Hide Body Text in Inbox

A huge amount of Gmail clients complains about how jumbled the inbox looks. A central explanation behind this is the inbox demonstrates the main piece of an email’s body content, rather than simply the subject.

Easy Eye Scan is the basic fix for this. Whatever it does is expel the body content from your inbox see. It may appear to be a little thing, however, give it a shot and you’ll see that it’s an unbelievable enhancement for your Gmail.

Download: Easy Eye Scan for Chrome (Free)

Did We Miss Your Favorite?

This list was about the 11 best chrome extensions for Gmail. Be that as it may, let be honest, there are much more contenders, aren’t there? Tell us your most loved Gmail extensions for Chrome that aren’t on this list.

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